They’re A Partner NOT a Customer

How many times have you been in a meeting and they were talking about the customer? What about the times you were talking with some other technicians in your department and mentioned a customers behavior? Oh and my favorite when someone calls in and asks for something to be completed on the spot, when denied, they rant about customer service and how the customer is always right. We’ve all been in each instance, one of them may bug you more than another, the fact remains, however, that you’ve been separated from your own entity. The HelpDesk has been tossed aside as a servant or someone who at their beck and call because you are there for them and you must act as such. You’re not

The Formation of HelpDesk Wheel

My entire life I have been a learner. As far back as I can remember I would have notebooks and document everything. Documenting the disassembly of a calculator or writing down what I would need for a certain type of business. The documenting would turn into incessant research that caused days, weeks if not months of immersion in certain subjects. These subjects would never really correlate. One month I would have a hobby or interest in pin-striping and the next it would be Arduino programming. This caused a lot of strife not only in my personal life but in my professional. I had no real direction, only following dreams that others remembered better than I did.  After becoming a Police Officer, I soon realized that