HelpDesk Wheel 101

Changing your mindset and work place methodology is not an easy feat. Just by reading my materials you have made the first step in improving your effectiveness of your work and processes for your HelpDesk. This page is dedicated to giving you not only a baseline of the HelpDesk Wheel but also the tools to implement the methodology and build highly efficient processes and teams.

The Who

If you have a passion to change your existing paradigm, to build an environment of continuous improvement and accountability you are in the right place. The principles of HelpDesk Wheel can be implemented at all levels from a call taker to the CEO. The key is not the position but your attitude. Anyone with an attitude of wanting something better and building a better environment not only within your department but also with your internal and external partners.

The Why

I started HelpDesk Wheel after realizing that I was not alone. The HelpDesk environment seems to be the one place that has never been looked at for methodologies and ideologies. HelpDesk Wheel builds not only processes but also builds internal teams and external partner relationships.

Starting my adult life in the military, civilian law enforcement eventually making my way into IT and help desk management. Learn more about my story and the formation of HelpDesk Wheel HERE.

The What

Here’s what you’ve been looking for, the “what”. This is where you want to understand the entire HelpDesk Wheel and what it involves. As the information on the site is added I will organize the information below:

HelpDesk Wheel 101

  • Establish A Baseline
  • What Does Your HDW Look Like?
  • Building Your Team
  • Your Partners
  • Knowledge Gaps
  • Ticket Management
  • Communication
  • Plans
  • Training

The When

There is only NOW! HelpDesk Wheel is quick to learn and easy to implement. The longer you wait to start improving your environment the more good people you will lose in retention, the harder it is going to be to recruit and your overall product of ticket closure, partner satisfaction will remain low.