What I’m Reading

This is page is continuously changing so it’s wise to check back often to see my current recommendations and my thoughts on what books I am reading.

Book 24 of 2019: The Dead Drink First (currently reading)

As a subscriber to Audible, you get a two free Audible Originals. When I first started my subscription I would glaze over these, pick two and then move on to the main titles. Last week I learned this was a terrible mistake and I will not do it again. Learning this while listening to The 3-Day Effect by Florence Williams, I knew that this month I should pay close attention to which original I chose as one of my downloads. As I browsed the few they had available this month I came across The Dead Drink First by Dale Maharidge.

Although some of the books from Audible are not so many audio books as they are long-form podcasts, 4+ hours, they do offer an interesting way to listen to a complete story with first-hand interviews and narration. As Maharidge works his way through his journey of figuring out who the figure in the photo his dad had for so long he learns a lot of details not only about his father but also war and the effects it has on not just the soldier but those around them.

My opinion: